How to update Alight Motion & turn on automatic updates on Google Play and the App Store

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In order to ensure that you’re using the most up-to-date version of the app, and to get the latest features, notices, and bug fixes that we provide with each of our updates, you can regularly check for updates on Google Play or the App Store, depending on your device. We also usually post updates or announcements when an update is released, so be sure to follow our social media accounts!

If you would like to turn on automatic updates on Google Play or the App Store, please check out these guides to turn on (or off) automatic updates:

If you’re experiencing an issue with the app, first try updating the app to see if that helps with the issue. This may not solve the issue, but having the most up-to-date version of the app will allow us to more easily work with any issues you may be having.

In addition, please keep in mind that we only provide support to users who have an authentic version of Alight Motion from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store! We do not support downloading outside of these official app stores. Apps from unofficial sources may sometimes contain malware or modifications that prevent the app from working correctly and that may damage your device, cause loss of projects or other data, or leak your personal details.

If you receive any errors when trying to download the app, or if you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us at! Please also let us know what you’re seeing on screen by sending us screenshots or screen recordings of the issue.

Please also make sure to reply to any auto responses you may receive, and carefully follow instructions from our support team, so that we can address your concerns! Our normal response time is 1 to 3 business days, due to the volume of tickets we receive, but may be longer during the holiday season (our support team follows Korean and Indonesian public holidays).

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