Can I use my subscription across multiple platforms and devices?

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Yes, it's possible to use one subscription across platforms, and on more than one device. However, please keep in mind that a user can only sign in to Alight Motion with a limit of three devices per user, and we do not allow multiple users to use one Alight Motion subscription

If you would like to use your subscription across multiple platforms and devices, you can simply sign in to your active Alight Motion account on both devices you would like to use.


If you do this, but you still don't see your subscription information on one of the devices, please see below.

  • All Android devices: Make sure that your devices are signed in to the same Google Play account that was used to purchase the subscription, and make sure that the Google Play account is active.
  • iPhone/iPad: Make sure that your devices are signed in to the same App Store account.
  • Android device and iPhone/iPad: Make sure you're logged into the same Alight Motion account (separate from Google Play or App Store accounts) on your devices.


At this point, you should be able to use your membership across your devices.

Please note that your membership will renew from the store you purchased it from. For example, if you purchased membership through Google Play, but you also use your account on an iPhone or iPad, the subscription will still renew through Google Play, and it will not be listed in the App Store under your subscriptions.

Please keep in mind that your project files are saved in Alight Motion on your device, and NOT in your account. If you wish to continue editing a project on a new device, you will need to export it as a Project Package, and then import it on the other device.


If you are experiencing any difficulty, or if you need further assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at! Please let us know what you're seeing on screen by sending us screenshots or screen recordings showing the issue. 

Please also make sure to reply to any auto responses you may receive, and carefully follow instructions from our support team, so that we can address your concerns! Our normal response time is 1 to 3 business days, due to the volume of tickets we receive, but may be longer during the holiday season (our support team follows Korean and Indonesian public holidays).

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