Alight Motion Quick Start Guide

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With Alight Motion, bringing your projects to life is simple as Add, Adjust, Animate!

We've created the following introductory series to help explain the basics of Alight Motion and get you up and running making your own custom projects.

Getting Started (Part One) covers adding and adjusting layers in your project to prepare them for animation.

Don't worry if the menu on your device looks different! It can vary between Alight Motion versions and devices.


Alight Motion - Getting Started (Part One)


Once you’re done adding and adjusting the layer, it’s time to do some animation with Getting Started (Part Two)!


Alight Motion - Getting Started (Part Two)


You’ve got the basics all figured out, and now you can get into the more complicated projects.

Feel free to check out more video tutorials on our YouTube channel. Happy video-making!



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