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Codec Init Failed errors happen when a device can’t start processing a video layer. This can be due to another app using resources or too many simultaneous video/audio layers in a project. Although there are no limits to the number of video/audio layers in a project, each device limits how many streams of video and audio can be processed at the same time.

We recommend trying each of the following to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Reboot your device. This will ensure that any other apps using video/audio resources will no longer be using them.
  2. Export from the project list as this uses fewer resources: open Alight Motion > tap Projects to open the project list tab > long-press the project thumbnail > tap Export at the bottom-left corner.
  3. On the timeline, go to the time listed at the end of the error message. If you see that you have a lot of video/audio layers at this point, use the layer opacity icon to make some video layers invisible, and then try to export. If you're able to export at this point, you will have to simplify your project by removing the extra video files that you've made invisible.

If you are still unable to export your project, we recommend finding ways to simplify it, such as reducing the number of video/audio layers.

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