Why do I see streaks/stretches when using Tiles?

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Alight Motion doesn’t render parts of layers that are off the screen. Therefore, streaks may appear when using Tiles if some parts of the layer are outside of the preview screen.

If you use Move & Transform to place a layer so that it's partly outside the screen, the pixels needed by the Tiles effect to work correctly aren't rendered, and you may see streaks/stretches on that layer.

To avoid this issue, we recommend following these steps:

  1. Make sure that the layer is entirely visible on the screen before applying the Tiles effect. You may need to avoid animating the position movement at this point.
  2. Scale down the layer using Scale in Move & Transform. Don't worry—you'll enlarge it later.
  3. Long-press the layer header on the timeline and tap the Group icon. It can be found on the green bar at the top of the screen. This will create a group containing the layer with Tiles.
  4. Scale up the group layer to its original size before step #2.
  5. Animate the group layer as desired. You shouldn’t see any streaks/stretches in your project.

To learn more about the Tiles effect, feel free to check out this page.

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