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CircularRipple.png Circular Ripple distorts the layer by creating concentric circular ripples.

Circular Ripple creates a circular wave pattern on a layer, and is often used in creating the start of a dream sequence, or to simulate something being dropped into water. It has the following parameters: Center, Frequency, Strength, Phase, Radius, and Feather.

Center changes the center of the ripple in relation to the center of the layer. 

Frequency changes the spacing between each individual wave. Increasing the value of Frequency will decrease the spacing between waves.

Strength changes the amount of distortion caused by the waves, which higher values causing more distortion.

Phase moves the waves inwards towards or outwards from the centre of the ripple. Using keyframe animation with this parameter can make it looks like the ripple is spreading out over time.

Radius changes the distance from the center where the waves are cut off.

Feather controls how smoothly the waves are cut off at the radius. Higher values of Feather cause a softer cutoff.



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