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Screen_Shot_2019-05-15_at_7.49.15_PM.png Drawing Progress partially draws a layer.

Drawing Progress partially draws a layer by adding or removing segments of the layer's stroke. It can be animated to make a layer look like it is being drawn gradually over time. 


Drawing Progress has the following settings: 

Start controls what percentage of the layer is invisible from the start of the stroke.

End controls what percentage of the layer is invisible from the end of the stroke.



Layers Without Fills

Drawing Progress will draw any layer without a fill using the stroke of the layer. Note that Stroke in the Border & Shadow panel must be set to On in order to see the stroke animated. The look of the stroke can be set in that panel as well.

 Start and End sliders can keyframed to achieve a drawing effect as seen below. 




Layers With Fills

Using Drawing Progress with layers that have fills will create a series of closed shapes based on which points on the layer's stroke are visible. For concave shapes, this may cause the fill to be present in unwanted areas, such as can be seen with the concave areas of the capital H below.




Figure 1: Drawing a filled layer.



If have a layer with a fill that you do not want to animate, tap on the layer, tap Color & Fill, then set the fill to none (the circle with the cross through it).

Note that when using fonts, the progression of Drawing Progress is determined by the order set in the font, and may not be the same as the proper stroke order for a written character.

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